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Balila is considered by many to be the original hummus dish. Prior to boiling chickpea, grinding and
consuming it cold, there was Balila: an appetising hot chickpea dish mixed with garlic, salt, lemon juice,
cumin and olive oil.

The Balila Brand derives its name from this famous ancient dish and centres its concept on another
anciently famous legend: the neighbourhood hummusani (the chickpea maker) moms & pops store. It
was time to introduce this legend to the world. To do so, we modernized it, familiarized it, and
diversified it, while staying true to the authenticity of the taste.

We didn’t stop there. We made sure that the taste is mouth-watering, filling and healthy all at the
same time. And that the ingredients we use, are scientifically proven to positively influence your mood.

Our mission is to bridge middle eastern cuisine with the world and connecting people while at it,
through spectacular tastes, uncompromised quality and exceptional service, all made with love, care,
positivity and integrity.

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