Hummus – The dudes, the dudettes and the music!

My second blog post in a world of blogging that I realized is quite a thing! So basically, my two blogs are a like a needle in a hay stack. But the journey of a thousand miles begins with one step, right? This is my second 😊

Todays topic goes far beyond Mediterranean food and one of its MVP’s, namely, hummus. It’s about a following that a dish created. I mean dudes who love hummus!!? Hot girls who love hummus??! Yes! You’re reading it right. Instagram accounts have been dedicated to this dish; the hummus dip. The Mediterranean underdog who seems to have become a number one contender. Even an all star.

For those eager to tap into those accounts, here’s the DUDES one. An impressive 42K in followers:


And of course, the DUDETTES – not many followers but quite an engagement:


Now let’s talk about the music. Even bluebird did some “hummus” rap! From the Mediterranean all the way to North America, people have rapped, sang & DJed about hummus.


And for the finale, even Vancouver tapped into he hummus music scene. A local DJ, Rachel Sehl, did a song titled “how do you hummus”!


On the topic of “how do you hummus”, come check out how we hummus, #balilahummus.



~ Mazen Sukkarieh, Co Founder of Balila ~